May Day

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May Day May Day It is ironic that May Day is an emergency word used internationally as a distress signal in radio communications that we have seen used in the movies. It is ironic, because the arrival of the first day of May is a celebration of flowers and spring. May Day was celebrated on May 1 by some early European settlers to North America with May baskets. These are baskets that were filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver; if caught, a kiss is exchanged. Good idea to wear running shoes that day so you can catch the ringer and “plant” one on them! Today the arrival of May usually means the last frost days are passing and tender flowering plants can be enjoyed in our gardens and landscapes. Mother’s day is a weekend to give and receive...

More Flower to you

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  By late June their are a lot of great blooms to choose from in the landscape! As we head towards early July it all goes “Ka-Bloom”

Plant One on Me

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Plant One on Me May is time for a good swift kick in the “plants” because it’s a month where we can plant just about anything. In most years our last frost occurs in early to mid-May giving us an opportunity to plant both tender and hardy plants. Adding flowering annuals, foliage, herbs and vegetables to our hardy landscapes makes the yard come alive. From vegetables and herbs backyard to table to stunning flowering annuals in colorful containers, the selection of plant material today is fabulous with new varieties added to the mix every year…. so plant one on me! The current trend in the gardening world is for high impact low care plants. Flowering annual varieties today provide opportunity to plant vigorous blooming heat tolerant plants with little or no deadheading needed. One of my favorites is Gomphrena globosa. Heat and drought tolerant, deer resistant, this flowering annual...

Bird Tales

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Recently I planted up a bicycle basket with flowers for a “Petal Power” display at Flowerland and hung the bike in the rafters. Today I noticed a Robin that had a real interest in the bike and the basket of flowers. She made frequent trips to the bike and the flower basket seemed to “fill the bill” for her. Knowing she didn’t have a debit card to make a purchase I went up into the rafters to take a closer look. I soon realized that this bike display was a real “Schwinner” for a nest of baby robins. She made frequent trips feeding worms to the babies in the basket who were oblivious to the humans below them who were making their flowering basket purchases. I really like a good “bird tale” with a happy ending.

Dutch Treat

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Early May in West Michigan………you don’t have to be Dutch to enjoy these beauties…….take a moment today to do two things………1) Stop and smell the flowers………and 2) Walk over to your calendar and pencil in sometime in September or October that this year you’re going to plant some spring flowering beauties on your side of the fence…………