My Personal Musical Fountain

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I could sit on the dune and watch this all day. It’s one of my favorite spots to sit and watch Lake Michigan. Listen to the music in my head as you watch the video. Crank it up and enjoy!

Butterfly tagging

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On Tuesday September 10 we tagged more Monarch butterflies for fall release. A wonderful family and young lady named Neve came along as we were about to release the butterflies. With Mom’s permission, Neve was very interested in participating and did a great job! You can tell already at this young age she has a keen interest in nature, insects and flowers.       You can watch the video of Neve releasing the butterfly after tagging here:  

It’s Fall planting time. Let’s go nuts and throw “cashew” to the wind

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Learn a lesson from the squirrels. They’re smarter than you think. Watch, learn, enjoy.

An Unbe-Leaf-able taste treat

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As fall colors mesmerize us and the cool crisp air refreshes us, there is a seasonal treat that doesn’t involve apples or pumpkin. It’s Maple leaves. Yes deep fried maple leaves! Maple I can explain…… It is something I included in my book “I Just Wet My Plants” chapter 9 “Lettuce Party like it’s 1999.” It’s a Japanese snack called momiji tempura, or deep-fried maple leaves made with a sweet tempura batter. I love the tradition in the Japanese town of Minoh City where they deep fry the maple tree leaves. Minoh is known for its beautiful Japanese Maple trees ablaze in color in fall. It’s not fast food. It takes patience and about a year to prepare. Perfect yellow leaves from Maple trees are hand selected and then packed in salt and left for a year. The salt is then shaken off the leaves and leaves are individually deep fried in...

It’s not the end….It’s the second half

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I consider September through November the second half of the gardening season. It’s not the end. The perfect time to both enjoy and improve your plot in life. If you want to establish a great lawn and landscape be out there in the fall season working on it. September to November the soil is still warm, we generally get sufficient rainfall and the air temperature cools. Plants put their effort into root establishment instead of top growth followed by the resting dormancy of winter. It’s a great time of year to plant, move plants or split your plants. When you feed landscape plants in fall even though air temperatures are dropping, soil temperatures remain warm enough for roots to benefit from nutrients giving them a jump start on next year’s growing season. Take me to your Weeder. Most people focus attention on weed killing in spring and summer. It is a good time of year for...