Moonlight gardening is more than a “phase” you’re going through so get “glowing”

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I have been told I am a goal oriented, driven person, who moves quickly when there is a job to be done. I recognize the launching pad of these characteristics were embedded as a child and are not a phase I’m going through. I was born and raised in the Apollo moonshot dreamers generation, when you instinctively learned that, just like the space program in the 1960’s, three things were needed to get something done: 1) I would need a goal 2) I would need a plan (usually made up as I go) and 3) Not enough time to do it. One of my goals was to plant more white flowers and silver foliage plants for summer time enjoyment in the evening hours. As the evening skies grow dark and the moon rises above the horizon in the warm July night sky, white flowers take center stage perfect for use around deck and entertaining areas to be enjoyed after dark.  Moonlight gardens, a composition in...

Sand Castles

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Great Lakes water levels have hit record highs this June. The erosion on the beaches is evident here along the shores of West Michigan. Water levels in June have reached some of the highest levels in recorded history dating back to 1918. In the process of beach erosion, nature has sculpted some impressive “sand sculptures” that I captured through the lens of my camera. Nature’s Sand Castles Nature’s Sand Castles Nature’s Sand Castles...

When done talking Turkey it’s go time!

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Check out these Turkeys involved in a brouhaha in the backyard captured by the Birdman a frequent guest on the Flowerland show. It’s not just the turkeys that are fighting. Backyard and suburban turkeys have caused garden damage, traffic backups and aggressive confrontations with humans in the suburbs. Turkey-human conflicts are increasing because urban and suburban birds are not hunted and so do not view humans as threats. The suburbs are a great place as Turkeys just want trees to roost in at night and open space to strut particularly in the spring, when males woo females with a show that requires a sizable stage. That makes lawns and golf courses the perfect place to strut their stuffing and suburban areas a pretty good...

Colorful Chaotic Coleus

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Now that the weather is getting hot the colorful Coleus are about to put on a show in our containers. Coleus seems to take the approach the more chaotic the better! In hot weather they thrive. It used to be they were considered a shade only plant but with all the introductions in the past 10 years they love the spotlight and love the sun. Native to the tropics bordering the equator and with a botanical name like Solenostemon scutellarioides you’ve got to know they love summer time! Coleus were born to be in containers and put on a show. No waiting for buds and blooms these plants let the foliage do the talking. On a warm humid late June day I took my phone and snapped these random pictures of their response to heat basking in the sun. This is a Victorian parlor plant that has made a stunning comeback in popularity in the 21st century on decks and patios everywhere. Captivating...

June Swoon

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June is an amazing month for gardening and flower gazing. Truly a kick in the plants! Photos taken June 17, 2019 Kousa Dogwood put on a show in June! Deer resistant Allium (ornamental onion) Heuchera in bloom So many varieties of Allium to choose from! People “phlox” to the garden in June! Peonies droop from the size of their flowers! Siberian Iris put on a show Weigela Flowering Shrub blooms in June Aruncus dance in the...

You say Tomato I say Tom-Ahhhh-to

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A colorful way of living, more of us are adding purple to our diets like eggplant, beets, purple potatoes, blueberries. We dream of the past when fast food and drive up windows were not an everyday occurrence. Eating outdoor food outdoors instead of something in a paper container that messes up our car. Know your food and grow your own. If someone decides to eat healthier and know their food they often start with tomatoes and peppers. Tomatoes and peppers are the gateway drug to gardening. Have success with them and soon you’ll be hooked trying to grow everything from cucumbers to cilantro. So what is a tomato….a vegetable or a fruit? You say tomato and I say “tom-ahhh-to. It depends on your point of view and could be both. A nutritionist might consider a tomato to be a vegetable. Botanically, a botanist would say fruit is a ripened flower ovary and contains seeds just like...

I just wet my plants video

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Check out my You Tube video on a soil amendment that may help after all this rainy weather….splish splash they’re all taking a bath!

Media Coverage Operation Rumination

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Here are two media links for interviews regarding Operation Rumination: WOOD TV Interview with Rachael Ruiz WZZM TV 13 interview with Valerie Lego