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Now Available: “I Just Wet my Plants

Life and garden lessons, stories, memories and a kick in the plants from an “Entre-Manure”…. Plus, celebrating a quarter of a century in broadcast radio.

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Stories and well rooted advice for both your plants and your everyday life amassed over 25 years of live broadcast radio talking to people just like you. A personal and vulnerable book of how both plants and your life parallel in surprising ways. Rick Vuyst just “wet his plants” and now you have permission to wet your plants too. In the words of a guest on his radio show:

“This is not a book about being a great gardener, in fact it is about the process of becoming a joyful gardener. Rick Vuyst has spent a good deal of his life amassing stories, ideas and more importantly, experiences. He shares those freely and allows us to participate in his journeys, his insights and his love of this thing we call gardening. Gardening is not brain surgery, and he encourages to have fun and to experiment. Thank you Rick, I am killing more plants as we speak.”
– Dr. Allan Armitage Professor Emeritus of Horticulture University of Georgia

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