Thank You Very Mulch!

Picking out plants is a metaphor on finding direction in our life. When we don’t know what to do or what direction to take, that’s when our real odyssey begins. If your mind is not befuddled then you’re not truly engaged. If you’re comfortable then your adventure has not begun. How many times have I heard the phrase, “I have a question for you”. Let’s dig in. While here make sure to visit my blog 

That’s me (in blue) chasing a Marine in the Army Ten Miler

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My favorite thing is to help others enjoy this journey we are on as each day is a gift.


I Just Wet My Plants

September storm front

Most people approach a gardener with self-depreciating humor or a jab at themselves. They throw themselves at the mercy of a horticulturist to save them from their “I can’t get anything to grow” reality. There are studies that suggest by the year 2030 as many as 375 million jobs globally will be lost to automation. These studies are often quick to point out however that jobs involving managing people, social interactions or applying expertise will be spared. In the next breath these studies mention “gardeners” and “plumbers” will be spared from automation. Makes me feel good that “Wilma Plantsgrow” is going to need the expertise of a gardener for years to come and not a robot.


I have written two books, one about selfless service (Operation Rumination) and one about a lighthearted look at something we all love….plants (I just wet my plants). 


Here’s what they are saying about Operation Rumination: 5 stars! “Rick did an incredible job with this book. He took his time and did it right. I love how he relates his personal life and experiences with each Veteran’s story. Unique and well done.”

Operation Rumination book cover

Author Rick Vuyst delves into his own personal thoughts and regrets as one of the 92.7 percent who never served in the military. To understand better he spends a year with veterans listening to their stories and ruminating on lessons learned. In the process he wrestles with the fact he never served and reflects on the freedom he enjoys that was paid for by others.

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A very special Memorial Day program called Operation Rumination: Radio Program Operation Rumination Memorial Day May 28, 2019

PBS NewsMakers program explaining how Operation Rumination came to be:

Link to interview about Operation Rumination on FOX:

A portion of proceeds from the book go to the Grand Valley State University Veterans History Project. It is important to continue to share the stories so we can continue to learn and grow! You can also donate directly to this fine cause with a donation to the endowment here: GVSU Veterans History Project

And don’t forget about Rick’s 2018 release… I Just Wet My Plants.

Here’s what people are saying about ‘I Just Wet My Plants’:

This book was recommended to me and I love it. The personal stories intertwined with the gardening experiences and tips make it really fun and easy to read…and super entertaining. Rick has a great conversational style and really does put himself out there with his personal stories on life as well as gardening. This isn’t necessarily a “How To Garden”. It’s about enjoying gardening and life.

I enjoyed reading this book very mulch. Not only did it teach me about gardening, but it also taught me about life. I love the authors humor and heartwarming stories. If you are a gardener, you will love this book. 5 stars!

I Just Wet My Plants!

It’s Personal.
It’s Vulnerable.
Life and garden lessons, stories, memories and a kick in the plants from an “Entre-Manure”….
Celebrating a quarter of a century in broadcast radio.



… and I will see you in the garden soon!

Thank you very mulch!