I Need to Change My Plants

An uplifting book of stories, history and how Plants saved the day!


What they’re saying: “Highly recommend this book.Such a fun, interesting read, especially in 2020! I think this would make a great gift idea this holiday season for the person in your life who’s a plant lover or will be a plant lover once they read this!” -Cindy

“This book is jam packed with information and stories told in an entertaining way!” -Bill

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Rick Vuyst

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Rick Vuyst Wet His Plants

Operation Rumination

A book about selfless service.

Here’s what they are saying about Operation Rumination:

5 stars! Rick did an incredible job with this book. He took his time and did it right. I love how he relates his personal life and experiences with each Veteran’s story. Unique and well done.

Operation Rumination book cover

Author Rick Vuyst delves into his own personal thoughts and regrets as one of the 92.7 percent who never served in the military. To understand better he spends a year with veterans listening to their stories and ruminating on lessons learned. In the process he wrestles with the fact he never served and reflects on the freedom he enjoys that was paid for by others. [ read more ]


I Just Wet My Plants

A book about something we all love…. Plants!

Here’s what people are saying about ‘I Just Wet My Plants’:

I enjoyed reading this book very mulch. Not only did it teach me about gardening, but it also taught me about life. I love the author’s humor and heartwarming stories. If you are a gardener, you will love this book. 5 stars!

I Just Wet My Plants!

Stories and well rooted advice for both your plants and your everyday life amassed over 25 years of live broadcast radio talking to people just like you. A personal and vulnerable book of how both plants and your life parallel in surprising ways. Rick Vuyst just “wet his plants” and now you have permission to wet your plants too. [ read more ]