It’s not a “figleaf” of your imagination. After close to 30 years and over 1,500 shows the Flowerland Show has come to a close. Every path has an end and every end a lesson. Thank you so very mulch for all the support through the years! The Flowerland Show began in early 1993 and celebrated a Grand Finale Show on June 4, 2022. You can listen to Flowerland show podcasts including the June 4, 2022 grand finale show here: Flowerland Show Podcasts

The Flowerland Show Cast. Pictured left to right Rick Vuyst, Angie Vuyst, Dusty Miller, Kristi Klaver, Doug Wierenga, John Iilk.

Consider Baby Boomers like me who were not born with technological advantages yet were forced to assimilate them into their daily lives and embrace advances as they aged or risk getting run over or left behind. I am one of those “Boomers” and affectionately refer to the group as Baby “Bloomers.” As the “Bloomers” started families and purchased homes, their interest in plants and gardening grew. Gardening was the weekend passion for many of this generation. Weekend warriors. Interest in plants continues to be strong as the “Bloomers” retire, evident by sprouting younger generations and their passion to nurture growth. A new crop of plant lovers sprouts with each generation. It’s simple. The faster technology grows and impacts our lives and the crazier the world gets, there is an equal reaction and longing for plants, soil, flowers and the nurture of foliage. Back to the garden. Our roots. When technology takes the delay out of world wide communication it increases the longing for quiet time with earthy things. The goal isn’t to mimic rapidly changing culture because once you do, it will change again. The goal is to find comfort in getting grounded. We get to live in the middle of great mysteries of life that can’t be “fixed” by an invention, progress or technology. Biology transcends ideology. Time is undefeated. Nature reminds us in so many ways that change is inevitable. Seasons. Aside from the obvious weather and seasonal changes like fall color, nature reminds us it is not in a static state but rather a living growing ever changing environment in both big and subtle ways. Here is my video Lake Michigan Breathing!


I Need to Change My Plants

An uplifting book of stories, history and how Plants saved the day!

What they’re saying: “Highly recommend this book. Such a fun, interesting read, especially in 2020! I think this would make a great gift idea this holiday season for the person in your life who’s a plant lover or will be a plant lover once they read this!” -Cindy

“This book is jam packed with information and stories told in an entertaining way!” -Bill

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