Think Outside the Box….Natural Christmas Window Boxes

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For natural beautiful Christmas and Holiday Window Boxes that you can enjoy both outside and from inside the home….November to March….think outside the box! Watch my video and thank you very mulch. Merry Christmas!

Don’t throw in the trowel

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Hard frost last night. We had it coming after a long and warm growing season. But it’s not the end. Like I say in my book a success is not the end a failure is not the end. It’s the beginning of something new. Don’t throw in the trowel. This may be the end of the “growing” season but it is not the end of the “gardening” season. The soil is still warm and roots will remain active in that soil. With little stress on the top of the plant as it shuts down for winter and sends food reserves into the root system, it’s a great time to move plants. Have a plant that has overgrown it’s space? Want to rearrange your “hort-folio?” This is a great time to move a plant or put a new one in the ground. One of my favorite things to do in late October is establish new planting beds for next year. But who wants to dig up sod or rent a...

Fall has a colorful personality

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I like Autumn for planting….that makes me the Fall guy.

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People ask me…..Rick why do you always say Fall is one of your favorite times of year to garden? Well first…. I like Autumn….that makes me the fall guy. But a more important reason is it is one of the most efficient and effective times of the year to plant. It’s also a time for pretty mums, adorable pansies and colorful foliage. Cute. That’s why they call it Awwwtumn. 13 reasons why Fall is for planting: 1. Plants in Fall put their efforts into establishment (roots) instead of a focus on top growth (spring) 2. In Fall the soil is warm compared to spring making it easier to work with….and again great for root establishment. 3. You can effectively feed woody plants in Fall. Even though air temperatures drop the soil stays warm often all the way to Christmas! Hoe Hoe Hoe. The plant can take in the fertilizer and will get next spring off on the right foot! 4. We generally get plenty of...

Into the wild brew yonder

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As a horticulturist there is no “brew-print” for what question may come along from time to time. This past week I was asked for garden uses for stale or flat beer. At a “lagerhead” I thought if in doubt throw it out. Then I realized I take these questions on a “case by case” basis so with this request I should “hop” to it. I do after all live in a town called Beer City and this subject matter may not be an isolated concern. After all my commentary might create a buzz. We all know the age-old practice of wasting beer on slugs. A dish of stale beer is placed with the lip at soil level and slugs with no self-discipline whatsoever will blindly crawl in, lose their car keys and drown happy. We also know that beer has been around for ages dating back to Mesopotamia otherwise known as ancient Iraq. They didn’t drink it watching football or...