Hit the ground running

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Hit the Ground Running! May is an exciting month for me with the 5th Third River Bank Run and the end of frost dates (hopefully) here in West Michigan. Our last frost date is usually around May 10 so we can “hit the ground running” in the month of May planting our flowers, vegetables and herbs out in the garden. It’s a kick in the “plants” to get our outdoor living lifestyles in high gear as we anticipate the summer months ahead. When we hit the ground running remember that the soil you plant in is the “stomach” of the plant. The quality and preparation of the soil is key as the foundation of the plants you put in the ground or container. When planting vegetables and herbs a healthy soil will mean healthy plants and ultimately a healthy you! The key to healthy soils is three primary elements, Carbon, Minerals and Biology. Carbon comes from amendments you add like compost providing good...

River Bank Run

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It’s a great time of the year for fresh air, gardening and running! This year’s Fifth Third River Bank run was again a huge event and a real kick in the “plants!” Every year when the race is done I look forward to putting some Tomatoes in the ground and running in the event again next year! Here’s to running with friends and getting the garden growing!


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It appears we will all be the beneficiaries of an early spring this year. Whether you’re a runner, golfer, biker or gardener we will all benefit from an early start to spring 2012. Certainly an earlier start than the springs of 2010 and 2011. With little frost in the ground from an unseasonably warm winter followed by March sunshine, the soil temperatures will warm quickly causing the earth to wake from it’s winter slumber. With daylight saving time I look forward to running outside after work instead of the monotonous circuit of an indoor track. With warmer weather our winter habits change to the fresh air exercise of a good run or gardening project. With an early spring we are able to establish “mow”-mentum as I call it, and I run from winter and don’t look back. Gardeners like to use the phrase, “you can’t control the weather.”...

Spring into Action

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If you are going to try cross-country start with a small country. I love that phrase because it applies to both running and gardening, two activities I enjoy. It’s actually well “rooted” and well “footed” advice for those getting started. I believe when you take up running you slowly but surely develop a love for it as you increase distances and improve your time. Suddenly that day comes when you find yourself addicted to finding time to go for a run. The same applies to gardening. After a long winter I find some people decide to go all out on gardening and landscaping biting off more than they can chew. When the summer heat and weeds arrive their passion wanes. Approaching both passions in bite size pieces you learn as you “grow” and understand your rewards come from approaching it as a marathon and not a sprint. Spring is a wonderful season....

This looks like a job for Plantman!

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Faster than a speeding lawnmower…..more powerful than a bag of urea fertilizer…able to leap tall sunflowers in a single bound…it’s Plantman! Thank you Alger Heights neighborhood for hosting the Halloween run on a sunny late October Saturday morning! Entre-manure superhero Plantman enjoyed his run fighting “grime” in your town…..thank you very mulch!