Rick Doug and Kristi Interpretive reading of Pick a Pine Tree

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Auld Lang Pine

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The Scot’s song Auld Lang Syne can be translated into English literally as “old long since” or as reference to days gone by. I’m not big into the winter season so I generally refer to it as “Old Lang Pine” as I look back on the year past and “pine” for warm weather and a new growing season. The Christmas trimmings begin to look sad as we prepare for a fresh start in a New Year. Just as we all have some Christmas traditions many have New Year’s traditions too. For me I run the lawnmower on New Year’s eve at some point.  Laugh if you want but it’s safer than shooting guns in the air as is the tradition in some parts of the world. Some years due to snow I can only start the mower in place and let it run for a few moments. This year because of the lack of snow I may be able to take a couple of laps in the yard. My neighbors...