“Lettuce” Talk

By on May 3, 2015 in Spring |

When it comes to home grown vegetables, there’s no question that tomatoes and peppers top the list in popularity. In the past few years however, the interest in both eating and drinking your garden has caused an explosion of interest in everything from kale to cucumbers and kohlrabi. So when do we eat cake? After dinner of course, and the same is for vegetables as the recipe for great tasting and healthy veggies starts with the dinner preparation: soil building. Soil building sets the stage for increased crop response and increased vitality. “Turnip” the “beet” so to speak, because healthy soil means healthy plants which means, you’ve got it, healthy you. Your soil needs to be a good blend of carbon, minerals and biology. It’s not difficult and with a little “veg-ucation,” you’ll soon be harvesting the benefits. The best way to explain the ABCs to building blocks of better soil and...

That’s a Wrap

By on Dec 1, 2014 in Christmas |

That’s a wrap. No more “hoe hoe hoe” and lots of “ho ho ho” as another gardening year ends and the holidays arrive. How was your year? Here’s “ho ho hoping” your tomatoes were all you thought they would be this year and your landscape brought you the “ho ho horticultural” joy you were seeking. Were you naughty or nice? Doesn’t really matter at this point with the ground frozen solid. What matters are visions of sugar plums and spring blooming dreams dancing in your head. Provide the wild birds a holiday “tweet” with some seed and suet offerings in this season of giving. The landscape color they provide in a white and grey tundra backdrop is a welcome sight as we approach the shortest days of the year. Make sure feeders are clean and seed stays dry so your feeding station is the gift that keeps giving. Make...

Be a Smarty Plants

By on Sep 2, 2014 in Fall |

Recently I asked my friends on Facebook what their word of advice would be for someone new to gardening and just starting out. Many offered some well rooted advice to mulch or water or be open to change. Having a vision, a good foundation of organic soil and to start small were other popular words of well grounded wisdom. One of my Facebook friends suggested that frozen berries in wine was a good pain reliever. Another suggested buying Motrin along with a lot of plants. Those who had thrown in the “trowel” suggested the new gardener give up before their backs and hips, have a drink and hire someone to do it for them. I liked the fact some felt variety was important and that gardening is good therapy. In the spirit of turnabout is fair play, I asked myself the question. If left with suggesting one thing, I would recommend that a “smarty plants” invests time in their garden in September...

More “Flower” to you

By on Apr 29, 2013 in Flowering Annuals, Spring |

It’s planting time and we’re excited about the flowering annuals we selected on our shopping trip. They’re going to look great and visions of blooming colors are dancing in our head. But what if they don’t meet up to our expectations? Plants like people have basic nutritional needs. And plants just like people can’t live on just energy drinks or water, you need a meal now and then. Water alone is not enough. Well more “flower” to you. If your annuals need to go “potty” and are in a hanging basket or pot every time you water nutrients are carried out the drainage holes with it. The nutrients need to be replaced. I recommend a combination of water soluble and time release or granular fertilizer. One is the energy drink and the other is meat and potatoes. The great thing about water soluble fertilizer is that is quickly available to...

Sign up now for Garden Seminars

By on Feb 16, 2013 in Spring |

Spring is coming! Winter weather has become “cucumber”-some so let’s get growing! I have a great series of educational (or as I call them “Hedge” or “Veg”-ucational) seminars lined up for a weekend in late April. My friends who are experts in Lawn Care, Vegetable gardening, Herbs, Container planting, Birding and Perennials are coming to town to help me give you a kick in the plants! Class sizes are limited so order your tickets now. Please click on this link to sign up for the classes you’re interested in. See you there! http://myflowerland.com/upcoming-events/