A “Root” awakening

By on Apr 2, 2013 in Early Spring |

If April showers bring May flowers then you my friend are in for a “root” awakening. Every April is different which adds to the adventure. I’ve seen 80-degree temperatures and I’ve seen frosts that would freeze the hardiest of plants. I’ve see sunshine and I’ve seen snow. Sounds like a James Taylor song doesn’t it? Last year we had an early March warm up waking the entire landscape only to freeze in the great Arbor day frost of 2012. So what should we expect from our landscape dreams during the month of April? You my friend are in for a “root” awakening. April first of all is a big month for lawn care in Michigan. The lawn greens and begins to grow and we welcome the sound of lawnmowers awakening in our neighborhoods. A great month to get a deal on a 4 step lawn plan applying the first step now and storing the remaining 3 steps in the garage or shed for applications later in the year....

I “Hosta” do something about this

By on May 7, 2012 in Spring |

After the late April frosts you wander through your landscape and find your Hosta collection is a little under the weather. Hosta la vista baby as you observe “melting” foliage throughout. What happened here? In years where we have an early spring warm up and Hosta foliage emerges followed by late April frosts that get into the 20’s there is damage. The damaged foliage looks ugly and can be a pathway to disease. Select the most damaged of foliage and prune them out. When you cut them out new foliage will flush back out but not be as large or beautiful as the original expectations. Hosta la vista baby.