Rick Doug and Kristi Interpretive reading of Pick a Pine Tree

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Oh Beehive!

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My son Rick was on his best “bee-hive-iour” when he noticed bee activity in the overlapping wood panels at the Kentwood Flowerland store. We got some “free-bees” out of the deal with a treasure trove of honey! Bee experts carefully removed and preserved the hive plus isolated the Queen so the whole hive could be transferred to a new location where it could thrive. The whole process was really interesting. Check out the pics of these bees living in the land of “Pollenesia!”

Peas on Earth

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“Peas” on Earth I have a holiday and Christmas wish for Michigan this year. An El Nino’ winter because my opinion is we deserve it after the last two winters we’ve all endured. I remember past El Nino’ November months in West Michigan. Wearing short sleeve shirts as we put the garden to bed for winter and stringing lots of Christmas lights outdoors to celebrate the holidays ahead. We would unload Christmas trees, in by November standards, warm temperatures. These were the years that due to a lack of ice and snow people would be inclined to string a lot of Christmas lights on the home and in the landscape. The final leaves of fall are raked in November and tilled into the garden. Anticipation of the upcoming holidays builds as we begin to decorate indoors and out. I am not a meteorologist, but when scientists predict an El Nino’ winter due to warm Pacific Ocean water temperatures it...

Take me to your “weeder”

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Yikes! Dodder is a parasitic annual weed that infests crops and ornamental plants? Alien in appearance this crazy “plant” or weed is a distant relative of Morning Glories. Very limitedin it’s capability for photosynthesis this weed obtains nearly all its energy from the host plant. Seedlings in the soil need to quickly find a host plant and latch on or they die. Take me to your “weeder”! Once a host is found they latch on creating a dense mat of intertwining colorful stems literally choking the life out of the host plant. Hand removal or removal of the host plant, identification and clean up are the keys to prevent recurrence.

Sign up now for Garden Seminars

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Spring is coming! Winter weather has become “cucumber”-some so let’s get growing! I have a great series of educational (or as I call them “Hedge” or “Veg”-ucational) seminars lined up for a weekend in late April. My friends who are experts in Lawn Care, Vegetable gardening, Herbs, Container planting, Birding and Perennials are coming to town to help me give you a kick in the plants! Class sizes are limited so order your tickets now. Please click on this link to sign up for the classes you’re interested in. See you there! http://myflowerland.com/upcoming-events/