The Big Three List

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By popular demand here is my “big three” list. What is the big three list you say? It is a list of plants that meet  today’s landscape criteria of popular demand. I’m simply sharing my favorites that meet the following criteria: 1) I want it to be colorful or bloom a long time (more than just a week or two). 2) I want it to be deer resistant. 3) I want it to be relatively easy to grow. The people have spoken making it clear these are the characteristics they are looking for in a plant. With that in mind and without further ado….and I mean “ado” because “adieu” means goodbye….here are my favorites! Rick’s favorites for long lasting bloom or color easy to grow deer resistant plants Agastache (Perennials also called Hyssop with long lasting blooms) Allium (Bulb) Baptisia (Perennial known as False Indigo) Begonia (Annual…’s...

A Winter “Pun”-derland

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I try to amuse myself in winter so I don’t dwell on the cold conditions and the remote existence from gardening activities. Thought I would share some pictures from my winter “pun”-derland with you as we mark the days off the calendar until the arrival of spring!  

Not tonight Deer

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Those who listen to my radio show or watch my television segments have asked me for a list of MY favorite deer resistant plants. I live in an area with a fair amount of deer pressure. I use repellants, however I have found that incorporating deer resistant plants in my landscape helps minimize the browsing. Bambi’s appetite can cost me “deerly” as in “bucks” not to mention the frustration of spring foliage munched just as they were putting on a show. That’s why in my landscape I incorporate plants from my “Not tonight Deer” list of favorites to discourage the deer from using my yard as a buffet. Rick’s “Not tonight Deer” favorite plants (Note: this is not a complete list of rarely damaged plants but are plants I try to work in throughout my landscape to reduce deer browsing) Alliums Achillea Ornamental Chives Anemone...

Oh Deer

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Oh deer….time to protect those trees from deer damage. As deer remove velvet from antlers and during their pre-mating and mating season (often referred to as the rut) they can do significant damage to young trees in the suburban landscape. I’ve read that a typical male whitetail deer “rubs” from 400 to 800 trees in a season. Our suburban environment invites in wildlife because our habitat is better than theirs. We set the table by planting grass, trees, vegetable gardens, and we put out birdseed, mulch and garbage. No wonder they want to crash the party. Check out this young tree just planted by my neighbor replacing a previously deer damaged tree in his yard. I’m going to wrap my trees tonight and protect them….not tonight deer!

Superior Firepower

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With the predictions of heavy snow this winter, by the time spring comes along deer pressure will be significant on your emerging hostas and tulips….that’s where you need superior firepower in your garden….Milorganite. Bill Murray may have used bags of Milorganite as furniture in his hangout, but Milorganite is the trademark of a biosolids Fertilizer produced by theMilwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. It makes a great lawn fertilizer and can aid as a deer deterrent from browsing on your prized landscape plants while feeding at the same time. I have a friend on the east coast who slits open bags of Milorganite in late fall and leaves them setting out all winter. In spring he scoops the slimy sludge out of the bags and spreads it around his emerging hostas as both a fertilizer and deterrent. He claims it works like a charm, Hostas treated in this manner are...