• Arbor Day Musings of Perseverance

    There are gardens to grow, seeds to sow, trees to plant and relationships to nurture. As we do this we reflect like Jefferson on the finiteness of our own lifespan. If we can balance inevitable change with well grounded unshakeable virtues and beliefs, we temper some of the sadness of time wasted and opportunities squandered. We make a difference.

  • An Earth Day Story

     In the American colonies intellectual ferment sowed the seeds of revolution by the likes of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, James Madison, George Washington and Jared Eliot. Jared Eliot? Jared Eliot was a…Continue Reading

  • May Day

    It is ironic that May Day is an emergency word used internationally as a distress signal in radio communications that we have seen used in the movies. It is ironic, because the arrival of the…Continue Reading

  • Mother Nature

    Spring was a long time in coming in 2011…….but when it did it arrived with a bang. Mother Nature decided to show off on Mom’s day 2011 in West Michigan with brilliant and perfect weather…….and…Continue Reading