• A Driftwood Education

    As I fish out driftwood to frame my exhibit I wonder how old is this piece of wood? Where did it come from? How long has it been in the water? What species of tree is this board from? Is it possible it has been in the lake since the days of the lumber barons and lumbermills of the late 1800’s? What stories could this piece of wood tell us? All fun things to ponder. Watch the video to get an idea of the process.

  • A Drift

    Sometimes you look through the lens of a camera and realize the picture you’re taking is special. Nature sets the table. You just have to arrive, notice and capture the moment.

  • Snow Globes

    Nature creates it’s own “snow globes” as I walk the beach on a cold but sunny January day. With the sun in a low position in the southern sky in the northern hemisphere, the ice is translucent as you walk along allowing light to pass through creating glowing “snow globes” in the process along the beach.