One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life.

"If you embrace the process the results will come soon step at a time.

I am so excited to represent and run for the Morton Arboretum!

I have been in the horticulture industry for 40 years so this cause is near and dear to my heart.

Please consider a donation to support the Morton Arboretum and my run in the Chicago Marathon October 2020!

The Morton Arboretum relies on your generosity to help advance the planting and conservation of trees for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world. The Morton Arboretum is a nonprofit organization that collects and studies trees, shrubs, and other plants from around the world. Arboretum donors and members, volunteers and staff all work together to make the Arboretum a leader in tree science, conservation, and education for future generations.


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When things are falling apart around you stand tall stand straight. You may be surprised of that which you are capable.

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