Into the wild brew yonder

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As a horticulturist there is no “brew-print” for what question may come along from time to time. This past week I was asked for garden uses for stale or flat beer. At a “lagerhead” I thought if in doubt throw it out. Then I realized I take these questions on a “case by case” basis so with this request I should “hop” to it. I do after all live in a town called Beer City and this subject matter may not be an isolated concern. After all my commentary might create a buzz. We all know the age-old practice of wasting beer on slugs. A dish of stale beer is placed with the lip at soil level and slugs with no self-discipline whatsoever will blindly crawl in, lose their car keys and drown happy. We also know that beer has been around for ages dating back to Mesopotamia otherwise known as ancient Iraq. They didn’t drink it watching football or...

I just wet my plants….watering tips and thoughts

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Hot weather can be tough on both plants and people. Our bodies contain about 60 percent water and many plants are 85 to 90 percent water! With people hot weather raises your requirement for fluids whether you’re exercising or not. The same can be said for plants. And yes when they are putting out (flowering or fruiting) I consider that “plant exercise” for something planted in place. For you humans sitting on the deck put down that beer and caffeinated energy drink….they do not count as hydrating. I love words and specifically synonyms. So when writing, I work to paint a picture with words using a variety of descriptive alternatives…you could say I am on a “synonym roll”. I’m on such a roll when it comes to watering needs of plants. Attention is not a critical act like judgment is. It is an art and a discipline. Unless they are a celebrity, most people don’t receive a lot of attention...

Entre-manurial saavy

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This picture was sent to me by a Flowerland show listener. You could say he is a handyman and an expert at recycling….I just call it entre-manurial saavy. Take a look at this grill and sink combination for use out in the garden. Surf and turf for the enterprising gardener…. do you think he should patent his invention?

Wet Your Plants

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September is a month where irrigation, hoses and sprinklers become important elements to a successful garden. Even though Labor Day has passed and thoughts turn to fall, September can often be a dry and warm month. Significant damage can be done to landscape plants and turf in the fall if appropriate levels of natural rainfall are not present. Why would September rains or supplemental irrigation if needed be so important in the Fall? 3 primary reasons: 1) Fall is a time for root development in the landscape. Without sufficient moisture critical development and establishment of roots will be limited. 2) Plants need proper levels of moisture in their structure before dormancy. This is especially true of evergreens that will ride out the winter fully foliated subject to sun and wind without ability to draw from roots suspended in frozen soil. Exposed evergreens may need screening or...