I’m going to Pot

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It’s Container Gardening time! Watch my video for some tips you may not have thought about!

A Pervasive Invasive

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Spring “Break” !

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This has been my version of “spring break” through the years….Peonies popping out of the ground. A welcome sight usually in late March and reliable as clock work! They are tough and cold tolerant perennials that thrill us with their beauty year after year! Peonies are...

Operating by the seat of your plants

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Plants will always be inspiring and after years of walking around with a plant in one hand and a shovel in the other trying to find a place to plant it, I have learned 10 easy to follow rules to a better home landscape design. Walking and running through neighborhoods it is easy to see who had a plan, who had a concept, and who was operating by the seat of their plants. If you “over do” it you will have a do over on your hands. Use the look around rule. Avoid what we call monoculture. Too much of one thing can be a problem. Diversity is important in the landscape. If you plant too much of one type of plant and a problem crops up like an insect or disease, it will spread like wildfire without a proper amount of diversity in your yard. Look around your yard, your neighbors yard, is there a plant that is let’s say, over done? Approach your landscape in bite size pieces....

The snow is finally melting. We’re all down with that.

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Honk if you’re happy the snow is finally melting! We’re all “down” with that. And my daughter sent me this picture from New York City. I told her raccoons generally sleep under cars because they have to get up “oily” in the morning.

Spring Snow

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