May Day

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May Day May Day It is ironic that May Day is an emergency word used internationally as a distress signal in radio communications that we have seen used in the movies. It is ironic, because the arrival of the first day of May is a celebration of flowers and spring. May Day was celebrated on May 1 by some early European settlers to North America with May baskets. These are baskets that were filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver; if caught, a kiss is exchanged. Good idea to wear running shoes that day so you can catch the ringer and “plant” one on them! Today the arrival of May usually means the last frost days are passing and tender flowering plants can be enjoyed in our gardens and landscapes. Mother’s day is a weekend to give and receive...

Tulip Time Speaking Engagement

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I will be speaking at Tulip Time on Saturday May 7 Visit for more information!

When you have “Thyme” on your hands

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In this fast paced world of busy lives, Herbs pamper us with gifts from the garden. We all know that the garden is good for the mind, body and spirit when we need to unplug. It is “sage” advice to take some “thyme” for yourself and benefit from growing some Herbs. Herbs are easy to grow with some good soil and sunshine. Perfectly suited for containers they can be grown anywhere, even if your space is small. That said I recommend also incorporating Herbs into the landscape with your other plants and flowers. A dash of Lavender, Nepeta, Thyme or Oregano can spice up any landscape with color, interest and aroma. “Basil” instinct tells us that Herbs in our life provide a lot of benefit. Your garden should give back to you. Herbs do that in a big way. Aside from their obvious “scent”-uous nature, herbs give back to us in countless ways. As soaks and teas, aromatherapy and steams, oils and...

Spring has Sprung!

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Was out filming Mr Green Thumb segments this morning and saw that the Hellebores have budded and are ready to bloom! Also known as Lenten Rose this perennial plant is one of my favorites for long lasting blooms, early season blooms and deer resistance! I saw this morning that soil temperatures are in the low to mid 40’s today at the 2 inch level! That is significantly higher than last year when they were around 30 degrees and 2014 when we couldn’t get a reading due to the remains of the polar vortex and frozen ground! We are in for an earlier spring this year.  

Tulip Time Appearance

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Listen to my “two lips” as I tell you I look forward to speaking at Tulip Time this year! I will be speaking Saturday May 7 at 2 PM….get ready for a real kick in the plants….hope to see you there! Here is the link to buy tickets on the Tulip Time website :  

“Lettuce” Talk

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When it comes to home grown vegetables, there’s no question that tomatoes and peppers top the list in popularity. In the past few years however, the interest in both eating and drinking your garden has caused an explosion of interest in everything from kale to cucumbers and kohlrabi. So when do we eat cake? After dinner of course, and the same is for vegetables as the recipe for great tasting and healthy veggies starts with the dinner preparation: soil building. Soil building sets the stage for increased crop response and increased vitality. “Turnip” the “beet” so to speak, because healthy soil means healthy plants which means, you’ve got it, healthy you. Your soil needs to be a good blend of carbon, minerals and biology. It’s not difficult and with a little “veg-ucation,” you’ll soon be harvesting the benefits. The best way to explain the ABCs to building blocks of better soil and...