Money Man

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Had the opportunity to meet Eddie Money at a meet and greet last night. Has a great sense of humor, just like his now famous Geico commercial. Enjoy the pictures from the concert at a private reception at the Van Andel Museum.

Don’t be a “spore” loser

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It’s August and that means humidity. The combination of high humidity, occasional rain, plant crowding and poor air circulation develops a fungus among us….powdery mildew. These conditions cause spores to spread and develop a whitish grey powdery cast on foliage. It can happen to many different plants although some are more susceptible than others. Lilacs, Monarda, Zinnias, Phlox, Dogwoods, Cucumbers and even lawns can fall prey to this fungal condition in August. Don’t be a “spore” loser. Powdery mildew is rarely fatal but does stress and weaken plants, inhibits photosynthesis and is unsightly or should I say leaves your plants looking in “spore” taste. Fight back by possibly thinning or staking some plants to improve air movement. If you’re irrigating over the top, water in the morning so the foliage can quickly dry as the sun comes up....

This looks like a job for Plantman!

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Faster than a speeding lawnmower…..more powerful than a bag of urea fertilizer…able to leap tall sunflowers in a single bound…it’s Plantman! Thank you Alger Heights neighborhood for hosting the Halloween run on a sunny late October Saturday morning! Entre-manure superhero Plantman enjoyed his run fighting “grime” in your town…..thank you very mulch!

Root for the Loam Team

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Teamwork…a key element in successful businesses, sports teams, relationships and yes……..the landscape. One such mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship occurs between a fungi (not “fun guy”) and the roots of plants! Mycorrhizae is the name of the fungus derived from the mutual association between (Myco) the fungus and (Rhiza) roots of the plants. It’s a loving relationship advantageous to both! The fungi gives plants greater absorptive capacity for nutrients and water and accelerated rooting. The plant returns the favor by giving the fungi the carbohydrates and sugars it’s hungry for….a quid pro quo…….you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours….you’ve got a friend in me. Healthier plants with more drought and stress tolerance and yields is the end result from this beautiful relationship. Roots that go...

Protecting your home with Plants

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Here is a maintain your sense of “humus” you tube video that I think is a kick in the “plants”……….a couple of “entre-manures” put it together with the intention of using landscape plants to protect your home from zombies. Hope you get a laugh from the “well rooted” advice these young buds are sharing……….

Plant Man!

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Yes the caped crusader……Plant Man made an appearance (tights and all) in the Alger Park Neighborhood participating with hundreds of runners (close to 1,000) in the Alger Heights Halloween 5K on Saturday morning October 30, 2010. Plant Man was seen throughout the 5K course veering onto lawns dispensing well rooted advice helping “Entre-manures” pull up their plants! Here are some pictures taken at the event……be looking for super hero Plant Man to appear in a neighborhood near you!