To be or not to be is really not a question

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As October presses on, the leaves of the trees make their descent to the earth and the cycle of life continues. As you stand in the yard with leaf rake in hand it’s enough to make anyone wax philosophical. I think on the words of the famous writer William “Rake”-speare: To be, or not to be: that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the yard to suffer The foliage piles of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of leaves, And by opposing them. Well to be or not to be is really not a question. You’re going to have to do something about those leaves. Or are you? You could wait for favorable winds to make the leaves your neighbor’s problem. You can’t burn them anymore. I remember those days as a kid when all the neighbors would rake their leaves to the curb and light them on fire. When it came to being groundbreaking hip my Dad would compost...

You Auto Be Outside This Fall

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Be a bright spot in a dark place

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Be a bright spot in a dark place. Well rooted advice. Fun-Guys add some luminescence in Autumn. The Fall season with some rain means the “fun-guys” come out to play. Many fungi have bio-luminescent tendencies and stand out in the dark of the woods.  They add drama, color and light to the woodland floor. Not only “fun-guys” they have radiant personalities. Not “mushroom” for improvement there! The analogy for me when I walk through a hollow and see their luminescence is how “fun-guys” can light up a dark place just by their presence. Nature always teaches us a lesson. If a hollow is a depressed or low area, then we need more “fun-guys” that deliver the bio-luminescence. Besides, a walk in the woods is very healthy for you as I explain in my book I Just Wet My Plants. Morels get all the publicity in spring but fungi put on a show in fall to compliment the fall foliage. Do NOT eat any...

Mum Ma Mia! Watch and be inspired. (It’s Mum-believable)

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Mum Ma Mia! Watch this video and crank up the sound. (My job is a kick in the plants)  

It’s Fall planting time. Let’s go nuts and throw “cashew” to the wind

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Learn a lesson from the squirrels. They’re smarter than you think. Watch, learn, enjoy.

An Unbe-Leaf-able taste treat

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As fall colors mesmerize us and the cool crisp air refreshes us, there is a seasonal treat that doesn’t involve apples or pumpkin. It’s Maple leaves. Yes deep fried maple leaves! Maple I can explain…… It is something I included in my book “I Just Wet My Plants” chapter 9 “Lettuce Party like it’s 1999.” It’s a Japanese snack called momiji tempura, or deep-fried maple leaves made with a sweet tempura batter. I love the tradition in the Japanese town of Minoh City where they deep fry the maple tree leaves. Minoh is known for its beautiful Japanese Maple trees ablaze in color in fall. It’s not fast food. It takes patience and about a year to prepare. Perfect yellow leaves from Maple trees are hand selected and then packed in salt and left for a year. The salt is then shaken off the leaves and leaves are individually deep fried in...