Fraser Fir

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“Hoe, Hoe, Hoe”……..After a very hot and dry summer……thought you might like a peek at Christmas Tree Hill in North Carolina. Took this picture of Fraser Fir getting ready to be harvested for the Christmas season……will be here before you know it!

Oh Citrus tree oh Citrus tree….how lovely are your branches

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Video of my daughter Angie in North Carolina picking out a Christmas tree. We all know the benefit of the fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree. Angie discovers that there is more than the “pine” scent emulated by the rear view mirror air freshners or the sweet smell of a Douglas Fir. Watch as she discovers the magic of Concolor Fir………

Make your Christmas “Greens” come true!

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When it comes to your Christmas tree it’s not much different than a tree in your landscape… needs “re-hydration” when nature calls so to speak. Foliage or in this case needles transpire like people perspire when things warm up. In the case of an evergreen they’ll transpire indoors when you turn up the heat. Due to a decrease in hydrostatic water pressure in the needles as they transpire the tree “pulls” water upward through the xylem to re-hydrate the tree. The same applies to trees and plants in your landscape. The big difference of course is that the Christmas tree in your living room has no roots to reach out. You have to reach out and provide the water to your tree so the “FMC” does not drop to unacceptable levels at which point “yule” have to reach for a vacuum cleaner. FMC is Foliage Moisture Content. Make a...

How lovely are your branches……..

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Right now the Christmas Tree takes center stage in the home. It’s branches lovely with lights, decorations and tinsel. In a few weeks when it’s all over you’ll be faced with what to do with the old Tannenbaum…’s a great video of one possible option…….A Yuletide rocket could make your holidays a blast!


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Check out the poinsettias grown by Bob McMahon’s students at OSU and the Poinsettia “tree” they created with the crop they grew! OSU has done a lot of work to debunk the myth of Poinsettia toxicity that has been passed along word of mouth for...

Ground Rules

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I love the smell of soil…..and when winter officially arrives making the lawn white and crusty and landscape soil frozen and hard I miss the earth and vegetation……I’m “well grounded” I guess. To deal with this withdrawal you might want to consider growing some oats . The “ground rules” are simple…you can purchase “grass” or technically sweet oats generally sold to grow indoors for your cat to nibble. Even if you don’t have a cat I suggest you grow the oats (looks like grass) for your office or home to deal with the withdrawal symptoms like I have in winter. You can occasionally mow the grass with a scissors which is quite therapeutic. It’s like having a mini indoor lawn. If you have a cat (my cat’s name is Coco which was easier than naming her Canadian Peat Moss cuz she looks like she just rolled in...