Think Outside the Box….Natural Christmas Window Boxes

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For natural beautiful Christmas and Holiday Window Boxes that you can enjoy both outside and from inside the home….November to March….think outside the box! Watch my video and thank you very mulch. Merry Christmas!

Rick Doug and Kristi Interpretive reading of Pick a Pine Tree

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Holiday Hanging Baskets

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Why should the seasons of spring and summer get all the fun when it comes to hanging baskets? A holiday basket can be made incorporating materials from the landscape along with some ornamentation to make a hanging display for porch or patio. The arrangements are a unique and festive welcome to guests who arrive and an enjoyable everyday sight for you. View from indoors looking through the window as it hangs in an entryway or on a deck. These holiday baskets use natural materials featuring aromatic boughs of evergreen. The gift that keeps giving they are inviting and attractive from November through February. As Jack Frost adds his natural touch in the cold months the basket will glisten and dazzle. Their appeal and glitter is enhanced by the natural movement of a hanging arrangement versus a static pot or planter. Place the basket to be arranged in a pot on a table to make arranging...

That’s a Wrap

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That’s a wrap. No more “hoe hoe hoe” and lots of “ho ho ho” as another gardening year ends and the holidays arrive. How was your year? Here’s “ho ho hoping” your tomatoes were all you thought they would be this year and your landscape brought you the “ho ho horticultural” joy you were seeking. Were you naughty or nice? Doesn’t really matter at this point with the ground frozen solid. What matters are visions of sugar plums and spring blooming dreams dancing in your head. Provide the wild birds a holiday “tweet” with some seed and suet offerings in this season of giving. The landscape color they provide in a white and grey tundra backdrop is a welcome sight as we approach the shortest days of the year. Make sure feeders are clean and seed stays dry so your feeding station is the gift that keeps giving. Make...

Hoe Hoe Hoe

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Many studies produce strong evidence that even three to five minutes of contact with “nature” can significantly reduce stress and have a complex impact on emotions, reducing anger and fear and increasing pleasant feelings. That beats drinking eggnog so let heaven and nature sing! Have a “natural” Christmas with evergreen boughs, a fresh cut tree or live potted tree, a Poinsettia, Norfolk Island Pine, Christmas Cactus, Paperwhites, Amaryllis or fresh arrangement! Other studies I read continue to suggest that environment can influence your mood. For example, the results of several research studies reveal that rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve a variety of health outcomes. Now there’s a good reason to get out a ladder and string some Christmas lights indoors and out and be merry! I have personally many times seen the effect some strategically placed...

Hoe Hoe Hoe

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The landscape provides a bounty of holiday decorating opportunities with entry porch pots to welcome visitors to your home. Flowers now frozen in pots can be pulled and you can create warm welcoming containers in existing pots that I call “porch pots” for the holiday season. Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, let your landscape add to the festive look of the holidays. Start with some containers for your deck or entry steps. I like to use ceramic pots that were used for flowering annuals during the growing season. In November before the soil freezes hard, branches cut at a 45 degree angle to create a point can be pushed into the soil to arrange your festive welcome. If you’re potting up some new containers make sure to have some bags of thawed potting soil stored for use for when you’re ready to arrange. After your arrangement is made and left outdoors the soil will freeze and hold the branches in place....