When done talking Turkey it’s go time!

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Check out these Turkeys involved in a brouhaha in the backyard captured by the Birdman a frequent guest on the Flowerland show. It’s not just the turkeys that are fighting. Backyard and suburban turkeys have caused garden damage, traffic backups and aggressive confrontations with humans in the suburbs. Turkey-human conflicts are increasing because urban and suburban birds are not hunted and so do not view humans as threats. The suburbs are a great place as Turkeys just want trees to roost in at night and open space to strut particularly in the spring, when males woo females with a show that requires a sizable stage. That makes lawns and golf courses the perfect place to strut their stuffing and suburban areas a pretty good...

The Loon Ranger

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My friend Bill, we call him the “Birdman” joins me on the radio show often with great bird “tales” to tell. This week he was the “Loon Ranger” as he heads out on Fair Lake in Delton Michigan to build and position a floating Loon platform for the returning loons. The spring migration begins with the loons heading north from their winter homes on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico as northern ice recedes. Northernmost males arrive on their home lakes as soon as the ice is out, often within just hours. You can see from the gallery below (click to enlarge) that Bill positioned the platform with the assistance of the loons. He says they swam around instructing him how to build it and prodding him on to finish. Once the Birdman finished and left, you can see in the last photo as Bill confirmed that the “mating” immediately commenced....

Snowy Owl Sighting!

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A gallery of 6 snowy owl photos I took on Sunday January 13, 2019 at Pere Marquette Beach Muskegon Michigan. In some years, some North American Snowy Owls remain on their breeding grounds year-round, while others migrate in winter to southern Canada and the northern half of the contiguous United States including Michigan. Snowy owls are territorial on their breeding areas, and sometimes their wintering areas as well. Some Snowy Owls defend their winter territories fiercely, even engaging in combat with other Snowy Owls. Some banded Snowy Owls return to the same wintering site year after year. Unlike most owls, Snowy Owls are diurnal, extremely so. They’ll hunt at all hours during the continuous daylight of an Arctic summer. This owl shows up irregularly in winter to hunt in windswept fields or dunes like Pere Marquette beach Muskegon Michigan. They spend summers far north of the Arctic...

Knock on the door

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Heard a knocking on the door this morning. Discovered the racket was from the backyard. A male Downy Woodpecker drumming on the front of a nesting box.

Tree Swallow

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Some tree swallows have taken up residence in a nesting box in my landscape.Such beautiful birds and wonderful acrobats in flight. I see them collecting insects in flight often when I’m out running on the trail. Took a peek (or a “beak”) in the nesting box to look at the nestlings………..

What a Hoot!

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Interviewed raptor biologist Joe Rogers and scientist Joanne Williams on the Flowerland show Saturday. The work they do with wildlife recovery is wonderful and the birds of prey are amazing birds! We had a lot of fun, you could say it was a real hoot! Here are a few pictures from the event on Saturday January 26, 2013.