Into the wild brew yonder

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As a horticulturist there is no “brew-print” for what question may come along from time to time. This past week I was asked for garden uses for stale or flat beer. At a “lagerhead” I thought if in doubt throw it out. Then I realized I take these questions on a “case by case” basis so with this request I should “hop” to it. I do after all live in a town called Beer City and this subject matter may not be an isolated concern. After all my commentary might create a buzz. We all know the age-old practice of wasting beer on slugs. A dish of stale beer is placed with the lip at soil level and slugs with no self-discipline whatsoever will blindly crawl in, lose their car keys and drown happy. We also know that beer has been around for ages dating back to Mesopotamia otherwise known as ancient Iraq. They didn’t drink it watching football or...

Lawn live the King

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Lawns are a way of taming nature in an age when urban dwellers are distant from nature and live in developments with association rules where they cut the trees down and name the streets after them. Lawns are a means homeowners can map their territory. Now understand I said map and not mark. Some animals mark via bio evacuation or scent or auditory squawk which is unacceptable in the human urban neighborhood kingdom. Lawns are instead territorial mapping of a sociographical plot, habitual use becomes the home range, where horticultural prowess is put on display for all to see in the spirit of competition, borders established and instead of confrontational becomes more so an act of avoidance if you’re not into your neighbors. The lawn is an extension of themselves and will be defended if necessary. The call to arms is “get off my lawn” in the modern day colonist vernacular of each...

Adventures in Plant Sitting

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I Just Wet My Plants Campaign Film (The Garden Party political endorsement)

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Multi-deer-mentional and Bambi-dextrous (not tonight deer)

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It’s the animals with healthy diets that create problems for me. The ones that eat vegetation. As people we are told to have a healthy diet we should eat more plants. For some animals that’s all they eat, and our yards are one big delicious buffet. It’s the healthy vegetarians that drive me crazy…Deer, Rabbits, Woodchucks. Even the possums are a problem with their healthy diet choices as they munch on my grapes and terrorize my neighbor’s protein rich chickens. I live on the lakeshore and the animals with junk food trashy diets don’t cause me much trouble. The seagulls love French fries though their food of choice is Doritos. The raccoon’s entrée of choice is the garbage can and the skunks stick to lawn insects like grubs. Lately it seems the deer are numerous, emboldened and less picky about where and when they dine. It seems where ever you live now more than ever. Their only natural...