End of season perennial plant pruning

In this week’s episode, Stacey and Rick discuss what perennials you should be pruning in fall, and which you shouldn’t. Stacey reminds gardeners when in doubt, don’t prune! If you’ve noticed more acorns this year, it isn’t just you – Rick talks about Oak Mast and explains what’s happening. Plus, learn why a rose of Sharon may not bloom and more in Questions Answered.On this week’s show, we’re talking about fall clean-up and the always perplexing question of what to cut back and what not to cut back. In general, herbaceous perennials, which come back from the ground, can be cut back, whereas shrubs, which emerge on the branches that persist through winter, should not. But when in doubt, just don’t prune! Besides, many people nowadays espouse a “leave the leaves” (and stems!) approach, which provides habitat, protection, and food for overwinter insects, birds, and other wildlife. Hear the whole conversation on your favorite podcast platform or at the YouTube link:

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