Do you hear what I hear?

On this week’s episode of the Gardening Simplified Show: Stacey and Rick discuss garden sounds. Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song high above the trees, With a voice as big as the sea, With a voice as big as the sea. This iconic Christmas song was released in the fall of 1962 during the Cuban Missile crisis as a plea for peace. It was popularized the following year when in October of 1963 Bing Crosby released a single of the song and sang it on a Bob Hope Christmas special.

The garden has so much more than just sight..smell…and taste….there is sound! A discussion takes place about sounds in the garden.

Paths: stones, decking, mulch, stones under foot.
Seed pods when they dry like Baptisia.
Water features have a calming cooling effect
Birds, bees, hummingbirds.
A weather vane
Creaking garden gate
Silence your phone but keep it in your pocket for photos
Wind through plants like Oak trees, ornamental grasses or bamboo.
Music via wifi from outdoor speakers designed for outdoor use
Sounds when the weather is hot. On bitterly cold winter mornings, the world is breathtakingly quiet. In hot air sound travels faster. It is said that sound travels faster in warm air, it travels farther in cold weather. Rick shares he loves the sound of a hot humid summer day like the cicadas sounding off in the trees or the buzz of hummingbird wings.
Stacey and Rick agree that the sound of leaf blowers is highly annoying. Many communities have placed restrictions on leaf blower use.

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