Gardening Simplified Show Holiday Containers

Stacey and I discuss using colorful and interesting branches from the landscape to create holiday containers now that the flowering annuals from the gardening season are done. Here are some things to keep in mind when filling planters with branches for the holidays.

  • You need thawed soil to push the branches into and containers with some “gravitas”, weight or foundation so they don’t topple over in the wind.
  • When it comes to containers consider trying some hanging baskets too!
  • No it’s not a Michael Jackson album. Take the approach of THRILLER FILLER SPILLER, a 3 dimensional look working from the center first and out to the edge of the pot.
  • For the center “thriller” many people use Birch branches but there are so many great choices!…..Ninebark branches, fruit wood, driftwood, willow branches, dogwood (like the Proven Winners ColorChoice ‘Arctic Fire’ Stacey will talk about in “Plants on Trial”).
  • Add somebattery operated LED lights to put some sparkle in your container.
  • It has been said a good landscape has 25% to 30% evergreens (the bones and foundation) A holiday planter should have at least 50% evergreen content.
  • White Pine, Hemlock, Euonymus, Cedar and Douglas Fir are great for the “spiller” aspect as evergreens whereas Juniper, Spruce, Fraser fir and Scotch Pine are excellent as the “filler.”
  • Some people will use cuttings from perennials like Baptisia (False Indigo), Ornamental grasses, Russian Sage, Sedums or Bergenia. Consider cuttings from your Roses too! (rose hips)
  • Limelight Hydrangea cuttings are fabulous and you can prune panicle hydrangeas without affecting next year’s bloom!

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