April fools? No April snow.

Nothing unusual here. We’ve seen it many times in Michigan. April snow. As recently as April 15, 2020. The difference today, April 18, 2022, is that the landscape is not as advanced this year as it was during snow events of previous years. A slow start and chilly weather to spring 2022 has many plants still dormant. This can all change rapidly with a few sunny warmer days. Until then tight budded bloomers, spring bulb plants or perennials poking their heads out of the ground will appreciate the insulation and moisture the snow provides while we as humans complain about winter’s last gasp April fools joke on us. A cool wet slow wake up for the landscape may be hard on us winter weary people, but the plants enjoy the gradual wake up from their winter slumber. Here are some pictures I’ve taken in April’s past including some from 2005 and the most recent, April 15 of 2020.

Fothergilla in bloom under snow April 2005
Blood root unfurling in an April snow
Weight of snow on trumpet daffodils
Cherry blossoms
Red tulips in late April 2005
Chilled forsythia
Snow coated Hellebores
Magnolia blossoms topped off with snow
Hardy Pansies stand up to the April snow
Rhododendrons with buds cracking color
A “Charlie Brown” daffodil looks saddened by the weather

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