Ice chandeliers

When the temperatures drop below freezing and remain there you begin to see the sand freeze and an original shelf of ice and sand form on the shoreline. This is the beginning of the winter freeze. If the temperatures remain below freezing as they often do in January, slowly but surely the ice develops and thickens working it’s way out from the shoreline into the water. Some years are worse than others. At the origination of the ice build a shelf of sand and ice form as the waves lap the shoreline. It is at that point in December or January most years that I grab the camera and lay on my stomach to get a photo. Here is that moment in 2022. I call them a fleeting cathedral of “Ice chandeliers” that will be here today and gone tomorrow as the ice builds.

A cathedral of ice chandeliers form on the shoreline

And in some places the sand dripped with the forming ice until the sand rests at the base of the icicle. This creates an effect that looks like an “hourglass” to me. A visual analogy of time and the seasons.

Hourglass icicles


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