Bloodroot. Photos taken April 8, 2021. My good friend Thomas Jefferson would call them “Puckoon” flowers. He would bemoan the fact they would bloom around April 6 and all the blooms would have fallen by April 13 (his birthday). In spring if you dig up the roots and snap them they ooze red sap. The ephemeral blooms are always a sign to me spring has arrived. As another good friend Allan Armitage would say “drifts of these clean white flowers reaffirms one’s faith in this crazy world.” Soil temperatures met and exceeded 60 degrees here in West Michigan on April 8, 2021 and the earth came to life. I always look for Bloodroot as a sign spring is here to stay.

Here are my photos of Bloodroot in bloom on April 8, 2021 and then below the landscape April 15, 2020 (how quickly we forget) Click on images to enlarge

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