When Jack Frost and Santa have a skirmish

When Jack Frost and Santa have a skirmish, a brouhaha, a hubbub out on the front lawn it can be quite deflating to the holiday spirit. This late November morning with clear skies and calm air it’s obvious Jack Frost got the better of this holiday ruckus…..

Jack Frost won this round of a holiday tiff out on the lawn
Jack Frost won this round of a holiday tiff out on the lawn. It left Santa “splooting” in the yard and not on the rooftop where he belongs. 

Enjoy this excerpt from my latest book: ‘I Need to Change My Plants’

Is it hoot in here or what?

The Christmas tree of course has been the source of years of family memories and antics. Everyone has some sort of John Randolph moment as the resident Clark Sr. or “Dad” in the Christmas Vacation movie. Squirrel! When a squirrel gets in the house or the tree for that matter it’s everyone for themselves. Fortunately squirrels seem content during  the holidays with dodging bustling holiday traffic and raiding the birdfeeder. Squirrels are a polarizing topic as I have some friends who shoot them and eat them and I have other friends who intentionally feed them and make backyard “furniture” for them like miniature picnic tables. They have to stay busy. The squirrels that is. In winter their high flying hijinxs to  eat your sunflower seed can be fun to watch. I’m sure they enjoy it far better than splooting in summer. Squirrels sploot in the heat of summer when it’s hot outside. They will spread eagle on a cool surface like damp concrete sprawled out on their belly on a 95 degree day to cool down. You would too if you were dressed in fur, they’re all dressed up with someplace to go. They seem to enjoy the chilly temperatures and holiday weather so they’re not so interested in getting inside anyhow. It was with great amusement during the Christmas season of 2019 when a Georgia family made the national news when they noticed one of the “ornaments” turning its head in the Christmas tree. Upon closer inspection they realized there was a screech owl which had taken residence on the interior of the tree and moved in with the festive family tannenbaum. Owl be home for Christmas. Is it “hoot” in here or what? 

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