Eye of the Storm

Went for a walk along the Lake Michigan shoreline as the sun was coming up in the east. I like Sunday mornings. To my west however were the gathering clouds of an impending storm.

Visual acuity is needed during times of crisis. 20/20 vision is your ability to at a distance of 20 feet see clearly what should normally be seen at that distance. “2020 vision” is our ability to maintain perspective, reasoning and balance when we couldn’t see what was coming next. 2020 vision became the search for pellucid thought in a year when events were far from normal. Instead of running I firmly planted my feet in the sand and absorbed the moment. I stood there as the storm swept over me capturing its anger with my camera. Don’t waste a crisis. Learn from it.


Eye of the storm

So to those who are disenchanted

The noise can be somewhat slanted

Seek out your roots

And harvest the fruits

When your feet are firmly planted. 

Storm passes

And just like that…..the storm passes. Exit stage left. 

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