An update on my 104 year old friend Ted Szczepanski. I have been visiting with him over the past year after his son had requested I sign a copy of my book ‘Operation Rumination’ for him last year. I’ve enjoyed my visits and conversations with him as I try to gain wisdom, insights and the secrets to a long healthy life. I’ve learned from Ted and intend to include wisdom from this sagacious centenarian in a book I hope to release later this year. The past few months I have not been able to visit due to lock down and stay at home orders. What I feared came to pass when his son emailed me that “Dad” was sick and getting tested. He tested positive for Covid-19. I am happy to report today that Ted has beaten Covid-19.

World War II veteran, 95th Division Infantry

Prisoner of war for 6 months in France

Father of 3 kids

Successful Businessman (with his brother Harry)

Beat pneumonia 3 times over the age of 100

Battled Covid-19 at the age of 104 and beat it.

He is currently recovering and gaining strength. Let’s send him some get well cards! If you wish to send him a note or card please send it to this address:

Mail cards to: Ted Szczepanski 2161 Leonard St. NW Grand Rapids MI 49504

Ted Szczepanski (and me)

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