Nature’s Toilet Paper

A lot of people are asking why toilet paper? With the recent Covid-19 virus warnings there has been a run on toilet paper in the stores. Hoarding of toilet paper. Well it’s a good reminder that people used the woods long before toilet paper was invented. And for comfort and absorbance some of nature’s foliage works best in the woodland’s wild. It’s obvious to steer clear of tree bark, poison ivy, or anything with thorns. You would think common sense would prevail. The bottom line is in a pinch, here are the 4 best natural options when the store shelves are empty.

Giant Mullein




Giant Mullein. Cowboy toilet paper. This has to be the obvious choice with thick large fluffy leaves. Cowboys would use this biennial plant out on the range. The range which of course was home. Difficult to miss, the plant grows 4 to 6 feet tall. Like major toilet paper brands it touts the fact it is soft and absorbent. 





Stachys byzantina also known as Lambs Ear. Soft, silvery, thick and velvet leaves, if this is at your disposal a fine choice for woolly comfort. Found in every region of the U.S. it is medicinal and super absorbent!                                                                

Stachys byzantina or Lamb’s Ear
Mallow Malva neglecta




Common Mallow or Malva neglecta also known as marshmallow weed. Soft leaves that are durable and resistant to tear.






Large Leaf Aster Eurybia macrophylla known as Lumberjack toilet paper. Found throughout the Great Lakes region in woodland areas. 

Large Leaf Aster

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