I have no I-Deer what to do

Deer pressure in the landscape can be very frustrating. Some people reach the point they have “tried everything” and have no “I-Deer” what to do anymore.

Last week sharpshooters from the USDA were in my neighborhood and shot 30 total deer permitted under our city’s agreement with the federal agency. (An authorized deer cull) A couple days later there were around 15 deer in my backyard as though nothing had happened. They ate my Hydrangeas to the nub. Don’t cull us…we’ll cull you. They walk right into the yard and begin feasting as though it is a buffet. One of these days I expect them to ring the “deer bell” and make a request. Oh my deer friends. We’ll talk about it Saturday on the Flowerland Show February 22 Podcast Deer Edition: https://myflowerland.com/podcasts-wood-radio/ Here are 4 pictures from my backyard to help get the conversation started…..

Scene in my backyard a couple days after sharpshooters had culled 30 deer from the area.
My neighbor was excited about some large Arborvitae he planted as a screen along an area where he does entertaining. In short order the deer turned them into “topiary” works of art. I suggested he pick up Bonsai as a hobby.



Now does this deer in my backyard look like someone that is going to cooperate with me? Has that I’m going to eat your Hydrangeas look in it’s eye.
They resort to eating plants you would expect they would “leaf” alone like this Yucca….that has to be tough and “stringy” but they eat it!

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