Be a bright spot in a dark place

Be a bright spot in a dark place. Well rooted advice. Fun-Guys add some luminescence in Autumn.

The Fall season with some rain means the “fun-guys” come out to play. Many fungi have bio-luminescent tendencies and stand out in the dark of the woods.  They add drama, color and light to the woodland floor. Not only “fun-guys” they have radiant personalities. Not “mushroom” for improvement there! The analogy for me when I walk through a hollow and see their luminescence is how “fun-guys” can light up a dark place just by their presence. Nature always teaches us a lesson. If a hollow is a depressed or low area, then we need more “fun-guys” that deliver the bio-luminescence. Besides, a walk in the woods is very healthy for you as I explain in my book I Just Wet My Plants. Morels get all the publicity in spring but fungi put on a show in fall to compliment the fall foliage. Do NOT eat any mushroom unless you are absolutely sure of its identity. All photos taken by Rick Vuyst 2019.

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