Spring Snow

This has been one of those Spring seasons when winter does not want to loose it’s grip on the great outdoors. One for the record books the relentless cold and snow has wreaked havoc with our outdoor activity plans in March and April 2018. There is a silver lining however when it comes to plant material. Winter never left. So what feels like a long continual winter has been exactly that, too long for humans. Plants however do not look at a calendar. They respond to their environment. The environment has been cold and the plants have not broken dormancy yet. Dormancy is a reversible condition. It takes some spring weather to do that. A worse scenario are years when we get an early warm up waking the plants from their slumber and then we get a cold snap of unseasonably cold weather. At that point foliage, growth, buds are damaged and fruit crops destroyed. So maintain your “composture”….once we get through this difficult for humans early spring, the earth will come to life and let’s hope stays warm for months to come. This has been one of those springs where Punxsutawney Phil was wrong again. He said 6 WEEKS not 11 WEEKS.

The elusive West Michigan Snow Crocus
Spring West Michigan style. Photo April 16, 2018
Hellebore in a spring snow
“Snow-cus” ….waiting and watching for spring to arrive

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