What is that flower with the funny name?

I went for a run the other evening. In West Michigan a run in late March can be a chilly experience. I spotted out of the corner of my eye something blooming along the trail. In April I will often stop to enjoy the trillium, trout lily and marsh marigolds while out running, but in late March while winter resists letting go the blossoms are far and few between. These flowers however are a reliable treat every year as one of the first bloomers in spring. I took out my phone and snapped this picture.

Puschkinia or striped squill

The flower with a funny name. Puschkinia scilloides also known as striped squill. A trouble free easy to grow minor bulb perennial that is impressive when planted in clumps even though it only stands 8 inches tall. Plant them in fall for early spring blooming. The genus name honors a Russian botanist Count Mussim Puschkin who was an enthusiastic collector of the plant.

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