The Big Three List

By popular demand here is my “big three” list. What is the big three list you say? It is a list of plants that meet  today’s landscape criteria of popular demand. I’m simply sharing my favorites that meet the following criteria:

1) I want it to be colorful or bloom a long time (more than just a week or two).

2) I want it to be deer resistant.

3) I want it to be relatively easy to grow.

The people have spoken making it clear these are the characteristics they are looking for in a plant. With that in mind and without further ado….and I mean “ado” because “adieu” means goodbye….here are my favorites!

Rick’s favorites for long lasting bloom or color easy to grow deer resistant plants

Agastache (Perennials also called Hyssop with long lasting blooms)
Allium (Bulb)
Baptisia (Perennial known as False Indigo)
Begonia (Annual…’s “Big Begonia” varieties are amazing performers)
Bleeding Heart (Perennial “everblooming” varieties vs. old fashioned
Buddleia (Flowering shrub “Butterfly bush” …great new low growing varieties available today)
Carex (Colorful perennial foliage sedge)
Cleome (Flowering Annual)
Coleus (Annual with colorful foliage)
Coneflowers (Perennial Echinacea)
Coreopsis (Perennial)
Crocosmia (Perennial that attracts hummingbirds big time)
Gaura (Perennial with blooms that look like little butterflies in the wind)
Gomphrena (Annual sun lover with very long lasting blooms)
Helianthus (Perennial)
Helichrysum (Annual for colorful foliage also known as licorice plant)
Heliopsis (Perennial)
Hellebores (Perennial also known as Lenten Rose….blooms early in the season)
Heuchera (Perennial with very colorful foliage and small long lasting blooms)
Hydrangea (Flowering shrub with many new reliable varieties available)
Hypoestes (Colorful annual foliage)
Landscape Roses (today’s varieties of own-root roses also known as shrub roses)
Lavender (Perennial with long lasting blooms and a headliner on this list)
Leucanthemum (Perennial…..some people call them daisies)
Nepeta (Perennial with long long lasting blooms…a headliner on this list)
Nicotiana (Flowering annual)
Ornamental Chives (Perennial)
Ornamental Grasses (Perennial and Annual grasses)
Russian Sage (Perennial)
Scented Geraniums (Annual)
Sedum (Perennial with drought resistance….great new upright varieties available today)
Spirea (Flowering Shrub)
St. John’s Wort (Hypericum)
Tiarella (Perennial with colorful foliage and small long lasting blooms)
Viburnum (Flowering shrub….the fall color is a bonus!)
Vitex (Flowering Shrub that on a hot day smells like Vick’s Vapo Rub to me)
Weigela (Flowering shrub)
Yarrow (Perennial also known as Achillea)

For a list of deer resistant plants you can visit my list at


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