Rolling Stone

A rolling stone gathers no moss…..or so they say. So why is it that a stationary rock can provide such a great habitat for its green growth? The other day during our January mid-winter thaw I took a walk through the woods and admired the eccentric shades of green moss growing on the forest floor. At a time of year when there is little else growing or green I found the moss a welcome friend in the landscape.

Moss resized for word press
Carpet of moss
moss on rocks facebook
Moss won’t grow on a rolling stone

During the growing season many people contact me for methods of ridding themselves of moss in their lawn, landscape, on tree trunks or landscape structures. I happen to like moss and admire it’s ability to survive and locate. So why does moss grow seem to grow so well in some areas? Moss is a survivor. It is often said that moss likes nutrient poor soils or acidic soils and surfaces. I don’t necessarily agree although this can certainly be the case. The truth is that moss is smart and thrives in areas where there is little or no competition. This often happens in acidic, moist, poor or compacted soils because other plants can’t survive or compete in those areas. Even on a stone……provided it’s not rolling.

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