Leaf Lasagna Recipe

If you want to convert some lawn area into planting beds without the back breaking work of digging up sod or expense of a sod cutter this is the time of year to act! Benefit from the free gift of leaves falling off trees to establish new planting beds for next spring with a simple “leaf lasagna” recipe. Leaves are nature’s cheap (as in free) renewable resource. Mulch them into your garden or planting beds in October and November and watch the earthworms take up residence!

“Leaf Lasagna” planting bed creation

Place newspaper on top of turf areas approximately 4 pages thick. Try to stick with black and white print as opposed to color ads. Have the hose handy and place the papers in the pattern or area where the new bed is to be established. Water down the paper as you go, obviously a calm day is preferred for this activity or you’ll be chasing the sports section through the neighborhood. Next layer on the leaves over top of the newsprint again watering the leaves in place as we go. Finally cover the leaves with soil to hold the leaves and newsprint in place. If you don’t the leaves may end up in your neighbors yard and they probably won’t be too happy.

Just add soil to the top and let it cook all winter!

The top soil will be the final layer of your “leaf lasagna” providing the gravitas needed for your project.

Now allow the “lasagna” to “cook” under the cover of snow all winter. With the arrival of spring the grass will have died below the newsprint and you’ll be able to till and plant! You can speed the process by running the lawnmower over the leaves before putting them into the ground “lasagna” to speed the process of what I call “passive composting”…….stay grounded my friends!

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