Take me to your “Weeder”

Fall is a fantastic time to control weeds in your lawn. If you struggle with weeds like dandelions in spring, now is the time to spot spray the weeds in your lawn. Pick a sunny day where we’re not going to get rain for 24 hours and take me to your “weeder”. Weeds are vulnerable in fall because they are storing carbohydrates in their root system and so are more susceptible to herbicide applications. Applying controls now does 3 things. 1) Effectively “translocates” the kill into the roots, not just the top, as the weed moves food reserves and the herbicide into the roots. 2) Controls winter annual weeds so they are not a blooming seeding pest next spring. 3) Reduces the number of broadleaf weeds you would have to battle next spring giving the lawn a competitive edge.

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