A “Tree”-freshing Perspective

It’s one thing to stand on the ground and gaze up at a giant Tulip Poplar. It’s another thing to jump off one. A massive Liriodendron tulipifera provides an exhilarating platform as you “leaf” your feet and zip through a forest canopy of Southern Magnolia, Hemlock, Pine and Sourwood trees. Fly above a Hackberry tree, a Fraser Fir and zip past a Buckeye tree. For someone who appreciates trees I enjoyed my zip line adventure….it gives you a “tree”-freshing perspective of their beauty and stature.

The view before jumping out of a Tulip Poplar and down a thousand foot zip line
Ready to go
Trust your equipment…….better double check it…..
A steady hand
At speeds of 40 miles an hour you want to make sure to brake or you’ll get quite personal with a tree
Walking the plank to the next tree
A birds eye view moving from tree to tree
Stepping up notched branches to get to the next platform
Good thing I’m high above the forest floor….don’t want to brush against any Poison Ivy
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