Pet-“New”-ias…..these are not your Grandma’s Petunias

For those of you looking for a “florific” easy to care flowering annual that doesn’t take a lot of care, you may find yourself steering away from Petunias. You remember the sticky old Grandiflora or Multiflora Petunias Grandma used to grow that required deadheading and would melt in the rain or heat of summer.

Supertunias in a mixed container

Today Petunias or as I call them Pet-“New”-ias are aggressive re-blooming self cleaning disease resistant beauties perfect for planting beds or containers. My favorites are Supertunias, vegetatively propagated from cuttings, or Wave petunias which grow like a groundcover.

Calibrachoa or ‘Million Bells’ look like tiny petunias but are actually an entirely different species and perfect for containers or hanging baskets.


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