Fall Color

I love the color provided by a beautiful introvert in the fall landscape. With all the spectacular color provided by the trees, the Autumn Crocus is content to be an obscure bulb-like plant (actually a “corm” in the Lily family) that is misunderstood and unknown by a lot of people.

Autumn Crocus

Blooming in Fall without foliage (foliage appears in Spring) this flower has a long history of use in medicine and goes by many names including Meadow Saffron, Wonder Bulb, Colchicum and Naked Ladies. Plant some this Fall!

In regards to Fall color produced by the trees I have a feeling this October will be great for those of us in southwest Michigan. Here in southwest Michigan we’ve had plenty of rainfall all season long. That combined with the promise of sunny days and cool nights as we start October will set us up for a spectacular color show in my opinion.

Fall Color

Look for those sunny days and cool nights which help add the “reds” to the dependable oranges and yellows we see in fall. I overheard someone saying that Fall without colorful leaves is like life without music or art!

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