Drama Queen

There are some real drama queens in the landscape in August. Swaying in the warm summer breezes, dancing in the August moonlight or soaking up the rays on a hot summer afternoon, I love how some plants take center stage in August.

How’s this for a histrionic heavenly plant………..Hydrangeas put on a show in August……….

Hydrangeas...a kick in the plants in August!


And of all the genera in the daisy family the ubiquitous but welcome Rudbeckia flourishes in August. With many varieties to choose from aside from the common Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ this perennial thrives in the heat of August. Rudbeckia takes the stage in August and puts on a long visual show (by herbaceous perennial standards) requiring minimal upkeep. The primary problem I have found people have with these beauties that many refer to as “Black Eyed Susans” or “Coneflowers”  is overwatering via sprinkler systems causing disease and black spots on the foliage. Placed in a sunny spot in the landscape the plant will give you a sunny smile on an August day including the tall and impressive Rudbeckia laciniata or “cutleaf coneflowers” pictured to the left growing 4 to 7 feet tall!

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