“Bush” Ups

We’re in the middle of hot and steamy weather. Have you thought about how plants perspire (called transpiration) like people in the heat? While the stomata or “pores” of a leaf are open for the passage of carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange, they may just decide to close up shop if things get too hot and stressful for the plant.

Hot Hot Hot!

If that happens loss of turgor occurs and the plant wilts. If the roots fail to keep up with the rate of transpiration decline or death occurs or as I call it “involuntary plant slaughter”. Actually humid weather can be our friend. There is less transpiration when the air is still and both the foliage and the air are humid. Dry windy air speeds transpiration as the air and leaf surface contrast in condition. Plants of course do transpire more rapidly when the temperatures are high and the days are long. That’s why plant conditioning is so important both before and after a stressful event. I call the conditioning “bush ups” simply meaning pay attention to proper soil preparation, mulching, feeding and care so that when the stressful event arrives like a week of hot weather, your plants can stay grounded, survive the heat wave and weather the stress.

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