Root for the Loam Team

Teamwork…a key element in successful businesses, sports teams, relationships and yes……..the landscape. One such mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship occurs between a fungi (not “fun guy”) and the roots of plants! Mycorrhizae is the name of the fungus derived from the mutual association between (Myco) the fungus and (Rhiza) roots of the plants.


It’s a loving relationship advantageous to both! The fungi gives plants greater absorptive capacity for nutrients and water and accelerated rooting. The plant returns the favor by giving the fungi the carbohydrates and sugars it’s hungry for….a quid pro quo…….you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours….you’ve got a friend in me. Healthier plants with more drought and stress tolerance and yields is the end result from this beautiful relationship. Roots that go horizontal or lateral………perpendicular to the plant are adventitious and root…root for the loam team!

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