Ground Rules

By on Nov 24, 2010 in Christmas |

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I love the smell of soil…..and when winter officially arrives making the lawn white and crusty and landscape soil frozen and hard I miss the earth and vegetation……I’m “well grounded” I guess. To deal with this withdrawal you might want to consider growing some oats . The “ground rules” are simple…you can purchase “grass” or technically sweet oats generally sold to grow indoors for your cat to nibble. Even if you don’t have a cat I suggest you grow the oats (looks like grass) for your office or home to deal with the withdrawal symptoms like I have in winter. You can occasionally mow the grass with a scissors which is quite therapeutic. It’s like having a mini indoor lawn. If you have a cat (my cat’s name is Coco which was easier than naming her Canadian Peat Moss cuz she looks like she just rolled in some peat moss) both you and your cats will love the growth of vegetation in the cold of winter. It’s like getting “grounded” and sent to your room in a good way. Besides the grass will keep your kitties out of the houseplants and out of the Christmas tree……

Sweet oats are easy to grow indoors, year ’round. Oats aid a kitty’s digestion. Cats  love to nibble tender, sweet oats. So much in fact that oats are sold as “catgrass.” Growing is simple. Open the packet of Oats for Cats and sprinkle the seed on the soil. Lightly tamp the seed into the soil. Place the clear plastic lid on the tray and set in front of a sunny window. Remove the lid when the seedlings are 1 inch tall and place on floor for your cat to enjoy. Then just set the container on a windowsill, and keep it evenly moist not wet or dry. Germination is in about 5 days.

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