Landscape is going nuts………

By on Sep 16, 2010 in Fall |

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Things are going a little nuts in the landscape………..yes Fall is a great time to plant and feed because a lot of root growth and establishment take place in the landscape……….but other “nuts” are making the news in the yard. It appears we have a bumper crop of acorns this year. Crops will cycle between heavy and light years and now and then a very heavy year like 2010. Drought, stresses or spring weather can affect acorn production. In spring oaks are wind pollinated so if conditions are just right at the time of pollination you can get a bumper crop. If you consider the acorns a nuisance to clean up around the deck, patio and lawn, just consider the fact the squirrels are happy. With the hot dry weather we had this summer you can plan on the acorns being a little smaller than usual but very plentiful.

Another “nut” that made the news is the ornamental peanut. It appears that homeowners tired of watering and maintain their lawn in southern climates are looking at another option…..peanuts. University of Florida researchers say a plant called rhizoma perennial peanut is gaining popularity as a ground/lawn cover. The peanut is ornamental and a distant cousin to the peanut crop we’re used to eating. It is a dense ground cover with small yellow/orange flowers. Here in Michigan we work to eliminate the yellow dandelion look in the yard and don’t expect to be planting this in West Michigan anytime soon……it is hardy to southern climates.

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