Nuts about Nutgrass

Couple of issues in the landscape that can drive homeowners nuts in July……Nutgrass or Nutsedge and Japanese Beetles. Check out this picture I took in someone’s landscape. They obviously did not prepare for the invasion with a timely Beetle spray prior to the attack. It’s a feeding frenzy! Once they engage and start damaging the plant it attracts additional marauders to the onslaught….

Japanese Beetles feasting on a rose bush

I’m seeing a lot of Nutsedge in lawns right now. As your desirable turf wilts and growth slows in the hot summer sun, the lime green Nutsedge will grow much faster giving an unsightly appearance to the lawn.

Nutsedge or Nutgrass

We had a lot of rain last year and again this spring….now throw in the summer heat and you’ve got the makings of a banner year for nutsedge.  Nutsedge is a sedge not a true grass. Pull one out of the ground and you can feel the triangular shape of the stem between your fingers and observe the “nutlets” growing on the roots. It’s these nutlets or tubers that make controlling the weed tough. These tubers sit in the soil dormant and sprout new plants when moisture and temperature are right… right now. In addition as a sedge the foliage is glossy or waxy so control sprays are less effective…..adding a “sticker” may help a control spray’s effectiveness. Be careful applying any spray if temperatures are hotter than 85 degrees so you don’t do damage burning desirable turf. For control of nutsedge keep cutting the turf so it doesn’t go to seed and spray Halosulfuron to establish some “lawn and order”……….

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